Founded in 2001, Volcano Tea House launched its California flagship store located in West Los Angeles and followed quickly with several other locations all around Southern California. After a few years, in 2006, Volcano Tea House reorganized operations in order to allow the main West Los Angeles store to reemerge as an eminent location for Boba Milk Tea and other related drinks with the other locations following suit. Since then, we continue to strive to produce superior products, fast and friendly service, and provide a relaxing environment for our patrons. The main store is also a local community advocate, helping when we can to make contributions to numerous local service and cultural organizations.


The Boba Milk Tea drink and other related products continue to remain popular choices among our customers. However, the main store’s menu extends beyond beverages. We also serve Taiwanese -style Shaved Ice (topped with our specially selected brown sugar) and specialty snacks such as spicy fried chicken, fried squid balls, and lamb skewers. Moreover, we also carry products such as Ai-Yu (commonly referred to as Lemon Jelly, though it is made from a fruit belonging to the fig family and made almost exclusively in Taiwan), and Grass Jelly (made from the extracts of a plant found in the mint family). Over time, while many come for our drinks, we have found that these items have become popular attractors as well. It is through our products that we also hope to bring forth a bit of Taiwanese food culture.